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Solutions for power plants and industry


Renewable hydro power is a key technology in terms of building safe, clean energy, which will help us to achieve the global target of zero emissions.

Modern hydro power plants are helping to speed up the transition to clean energy, providing essential and ancillary services to other renewable energies, such as storage and generation flexibility. Furthermore, hydro power projects regulate and store water to mitigate the impact of extreme meteorological phenomena, such as floods and droughts, which are occurring more and more frequently as a result of climate change.

Amara NZero hydro

What do we do?

Supply equipment and spare parts to hydro power plants.

Our range includes materials used in industry and protection and safety equipment.

  •     ​Consumables​
  •     Hydraulic, electric and mechanical spare parts
  •     Personal protection equipment
  •     Signs and beaconing
  •     Uniforms
Amara NZero hydro


We collaborate in the maintenance of plants, construction and repowering operations as well as supplying the necessary material and spare parts. Our team of specialists and our infrastructure guarantee the entire commercial and logistics process.

  •     Extensive stock
  •     Locating spare parts for hydro power plants
  •     Agreements with manufacturers
  •     Storage
  •     Transport
Amara NZero hydro


Hydro power plants in Spain and Portugal:

  •     C.H. Cortes de Muela
  •     C.H. Alto Támega
  •     C.H. Aldeadávila
  •     C.H. Montefurado
  •     C.H. Saucelle