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Smart grids

Smart grids

Electricity grids are a necessary platform as part of the transition towards decarbonisation. In recent years, electricity distribution grids have embarked upon an unprecedented process: their digitalisation

We are committed to achieving a smart, interconnected and flexible grid to respond to the new needs of producers, consumers and prosumers.

An electricity grid capable of integrating the energy generated using all renewable sources, whether large or small facilities, transporting it and distributing it to the consumer, guaranteeing the security of the supply.

Amara NZero smart grids

What do we do?

We collaborate as a technical supplier specialising in the supply of electricity grid components, from the generation plant to the point of consumption. We accompany our customers during the design phase, providing them with technical advice and offering them an appropriate proposal to ensure that each project achieves the necessary efficiency, performance and security objectives.

We offer a comprehensive service to electricity, engineering and installation firms, with solutions for the entire technology infrastructure of the electricity system.

Amara NZero smart grids


  • Approval and regulations: we actively cooperate with electricity companies, providing us with extensive knowledge of the regulations and approval of materials and manufacturers.
  • Stock management: we are experts in correctly planning and managing stock. We have IT solutions, fully equipped logistics facilities and specialist technical support.
  • Management with local suppliers: we look for synergies with local suppliers and manufacturers.
  • International trade and transport solutions: logistics and customs services for importing and exporting goods by sea, air and land.


We have agreements in place with the main Spanish and foreign manufacturers to offer fully rounded solutions for all electricity infrastructure projects.

  • Conductors and accessories for HV, MV and LV grids
  • HV and MV switchgear/substation material
  • Protection and automation
  • Transformer centres
  • Wildlife protection
  • LV switchgear and enclosures
  • Instruments and measurements
  • Remote meters and remote measurements
  • Grounding/protection against surges
  • Electrical channelling
  • Support
  • Civil engineering
  • Safety material and tools


We work with electricity and engineering firms, maintenance firms and installers involved in the electrification process worldwide.