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For a 100% electric and efficient energy model

What we do

We offer a comprehensive solution to wind turbine manufacturers, Operation & Maintenance companies and wind farm owners. Our solution includes the supply, logistics and quality control of all types of components needed in your processes.


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Our services

Product and process engineering


We collaborate with our clients in product design and development. We carry out Lean manufacturing studies.

Supplying of mechanical and metal components


We have machining centres - CNC lathes, milling machines, laser cutting machines, folding machines, bending machines and welding centres. This enables us to offer a comprehensive and vertical service to all our customers, optimising the management of thousands of references. We work with all types of materials.



We add value with our component kitting service in order to streamline and optimise manufacturing processes in assembly lines.

Refurbishing and distribution of large components


Agreements with specialised workshops and original manufacturers for the repair, reconditioning and reverse logistics of Main Components and strategic products.

Logistics management


We offer comprehensive logistics services - 2PL, 3PL, 4PL - on all continents.

We have our own warehouses, which are dedicated to outsourcing logistics for large customers and projects.

Quality control


We have high-tech control and measuring means such as three-dimensional control machines, in order to ensure the quality of both our products and the products we distribute.  Quality control and traceability of components before they are positioned on the production lines or in the assembly yard is absolutely essential to avoid delays or stoppages in manufacturing.


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