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Solar Division

What we do

Photovoltaic solar power has become one of the most efficient technologies on the path to decarbonisation and is a critical element in achieving a sustainable energy system that guarantees development in the present without placing future generations at risk. 

We seek to expand the use of solar PV, not only by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, but also by diversifying our sources of supply, as well as improving the competitiveness of businesses and households to reduce energy consumption costs.




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Our services

Technical Service

Throughout the equipment service life


Advice and technical support from pre-sales to installation and commissioning of the equipment, as well as in the resolution and management of guarantees.


Global solution


We offer financing solutions for both professional installers and end customers. Contact us.

Purchasing platform

Wherever and whenever you want


Encuentra en nuestra tienda todos los productos necesarios para tus instalaciones fotovoltaicas. Además, consulta nuestro stock y descubre ofertas exclusivas.

Find all the products you need for your photovoltaic installations in our shop. You can also check our stock and discover exclusive offers.

Just in time logistics

In-house logistics tailored to our customers


Gracias a nuestra amplia red de almacenes en la Península Ibérica, adaptamos nuestro servicio logístico a tus necesidades. De esta forma suministramos de manera inmediata equipos para cualquier proyecto donde y cuando quieras.

Thanks to our extensive network of warehouses on the Iberian Peninsula, we adapt our logistics service to your needs. This way we can immediately supply equipment for any project wherever and whenever you want.


Being the first to know gives you an edge!


Te brindamos todas las novedades que demanda el mercado mediante nuestras formaciones, tutoriales y artículos técnicos sobre el sector fotovoltaico.

We provide you with all the news that the market demands through our training courses, tutorials and technical articles on the photovoltaic sector.

We collaborate with


All our suppliers meet the required standards of support and certificates, we guarantee the efficiency of your photovoltaic installations.

We collaborate with


We are actively involved in the local development of the photovoltaic and renewable energy industry.

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