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Completion of the Training Project Promoted by Generation Unlimited Spain

14 young people successfully complete the theoretical and practical training carried out at the Amara NZero facilities, driven by the "Generation Unlimited Spain" alliance.
Amara NZero collaborates with Generation Unlimited

The participants, who are in vulnerable situations, received training in logistics and forklift operation, and undertook work placements at Amara NZero’s facilities in Meco (Madrid), surrounded by professionals committed to our company's NextGen commitment.

Last Thursday, 30th May, a very exciting project concluded at Amara NZero's logistics centre in Meco, with the sole aim of professionally training young people in situations of exclusion or high vulnerability to promote their access to the labour market in the field of Energy Transition.

This training initiative, which contributes to the "Generation Unlimited Spain" alliance promoted by UNICEF Spain and also includes Iberdrola and Pinardi, is something we are very proud of and has been an overwhelming success for both the students and the trainers and collaborators. The GenU Spain Alliance supports young people in vulnerable situations in our country, improving their chances of accessing quality employment.

Alvaro Martín, CSO Amara NZero


At the farewell event, organised by our Sustainability Director, Álvaro Martín, diplomas were awarded to the participants, certifying their skills and promoting their employability in the Energy Transition and green economy sector.

“Having goals and commitments is great, but they are worthless if not accompanied by concrete actions. Projects like this are real opportunities that change people's lives. That's what drives us.”

Alvaro Martín, CSO Amara NZero


An 80-hour training course per student has already resulted in access to the labour market, thanks to our company. Five of the young participants in the project are now part of our logistics centre team in Meco.

Young people who are now part of the Amara NZero team
Alejandro, Mario, Álvaro, and Daniel, four of the young people who have joined the Amara NZero family.


All participating companies and institutions have highlighted the work done and the quality of the training, not only at a theoretical and practical level but also in terms of the values conveyed, which will undoubtedly propel this group of young people in their future professional and personal lives.

Participants and collaborators
Representatives and participants in the training initiative, from Iberdrola, UNICEF, Pinardi, ICIL, GAM, and Amara NZero.


Beatriz Parga, Director of People, Culture, and Talent at Amara NZero, was responsible for presenting the diplomas on behalf of our company and highlighted the work carried out over this month.

Diploma presentation

Beatriz Parga, Director of People, Culture, and Talent, presented the diplomas alongside representatives from ICIL and KIRLEO (GAM), who collaborated in the training.

“At Amara NZero, we are proud of our human team and how they live and transmit the company's values. There is no better example than this type of initiative, which is so important to us. The personal involvement of each member has made this project a success, for such an important goal as helping these young people. Congratulations also to these young people, who have been enthusiastic from the beginning, to all of them, and to the team that has accompanied them on this journey.”

Beatriz Parga, Director of People, Culture, and Talent

Amara NZero's participation in this project is a result of its Global Sustainability Strategy 2025, which prioritises actions that generate real impact and contribute to its mission and commitment to future generations.