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About us



We are motivated by a strong dedication to the Energy Transition and a firm commitment to our ongoing evolution as a company, so that we can serve as an ideal strategic collaborator for energy transition projects. This is our contribution to progress towards a world with net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Our motivation


Our mission is to drive the Energy Transition to achieve a sustainable world.

Our clients are major players in the Energy Transition, and our mission is to work together with them, to contribute value and respond to their needs related to the main principles of decarbonizationelectrification, and digitalization.

Beyond products & services

Amara NZero Energy Transition
Our commitments


Our vision is to achieve a world with Zero net emissions, NetZero, for future generations -NextGen-.

The need to combat global warming is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. The key to success is the Energy Transition, and achieving the goal of NET ZERO is the best legacy we can offer to future generations. 

The speed at which new technological developments are occurring as part of this transformation requires a global vision, so that we can keep moving forward while also providing immediate solutions for all of our clients’ needs.  

For Amara NZero, it is essential to maintain this 360o vision that considers the needs of future generations (NextGen).

Our orientation



"We feel free to come up with new ideas and make further progress"

We apply creativity in our day-to-day work, as a way of generating innovative solutions.

Environmental Responsibility

"We are committed to caring for the planet as a way of life"

We analyze our activities in order to reduce our environmental footprint, and the proposals we offer help our clients reduce theirs as well.


"We seek to understand people by acting for their mutual benefit"

We always try to put ourselves in our client’s position, as well as in the position of each member of our team, so that we can better understand their circumstances and needs.


"We act with immediacy and efficiency"

We are constantly pursuing optimization of our processes, and we maintain a proactive attitude towards enhancing the client experience at all times, to ensure that immediate responses are available.


"We are pooling our skills for the common goal"

Our clients’ projects become our projects too, and we participate fully by dedicating a cohesive, highly qualified, multidisciplinary team.


"We are guided by honesty, respect and honesty"

We demonstrate integrity as a company and as individuals. Acting with integrity is the only way to build trust and establish solid long-term relationships.


"We build trust by delivering on our commitments"

Our 60 years of experience, together with our high level of current technical capabilities, make us a reliable partner that can always deliver on its promises and ensure maximum quality for all work performed. If we say we’ll do it, you can consider it done.